Habitat Restore

The ReStore project focused on expanding the existing facility, while creating an attractive, functional and sustainable retail space on Habitat for Humanity’s Main Street campus. The renovation/addition project doubled the existing 3,000 sf warehouse. The design capitalized on reusing the existing structure and adding a long strip of clerestory windows that daylight the space during business hours.

In addition to reusing the existing building, which avoided sending tons of waste to the landfill and reduced the amount of raw materials needed, other sustainable strategies included daylighting, rainwater collection for landscaping and envelope performance strategies; these elements allow ReStore to operate as efficiently as possible.

It was important to Habitat that the project respond to the community. The design created a new entrance on 14th Street that helps to increase community interaction on an underutilized street as well; It’s urban edge also increases access and visibility to the area.

Learn more about Habitat for Humanity and ReStore here.

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Preferring a boutique experience over the traditional liquor store, the owners of Imbibe wanted to offer an expertly curated selection of wine, spirits and beer combined with excellent service and a deep knowledge of drink.

The existing building, located in the Southside neighborhood, offered 8,500 square feet of open space with concrete floors, exposed steel trusses and an upper clerestory. With a dark gray exterior, the wood at the windows and barn door entry create a warm welcome.

The design highlights the product with an expansive perimeter wall of custom wood shelving nearly 12 feet high, complete with a library ladder for staff access. A tasting bar at the entry serves as a gathering place where patrons can sample various drinks and learn about their origin and composition. Warm wood shelving defines various other areas including a 20-tap growler bar, cold wine room, and checkout area. The design includes back of house storage, a conference room and an upper mezzanine office overlooking the space below.

Learn more about Imbibe here.

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Jax Liquor

Jax Liquor has been a downtown Chattanooga staple for more than 40 years. The owners of the iconic store decided to reinvest in their great location and capitalize on Tennessee’s evolving alcohol laws by building a new 8,000 sf facility from the ground up.

For better utilization of the lot, the design sited the new building on the corner of Market and 3rd Streets, which enhances the pedestrian experience. It also allowed to retailer to remain open during the construction. The $1.7 million project more than doubled the size of the existing building, which was demolished at the completion of the new facility to create a 23-space parking lot on the side of the building.


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High Point Climbing | Huntsville

The Huntsville High Point Climbing & Fitness will be a new, ground-up design. This 25,000 sf facility will also feature a 40-foot outdoor climbing wall and a variety of design elements specific to the Huntsville market. The gym will have weight training and cardio equipment, a yoga studio, gear shop and two party rooms. This location is scheduled to open in Summer 2019.

Learn more about High Point here.

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High Point Climbing | Memphis

In early 2019, High Point Climbing & Fitness will open a new ground-up facility in Memphis. The gym will feature a 40-foot outdoor climbing wall facing Shelby Farms. This will be the largest climbing gym in the High Point portfolio, and the first to be built from the ground up. The gyms interior design includes 52 feet of vertical climbing with a variety of angles, designs and colors specific to the Memphis facility.

Learn more about High Point here.

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High Point Climbing | Birmingham

After success with their flagship location in Chattanooga, High Point Climbing & Fitness opened a second full-service facility in Birmingham. This location is located within an existing building, of which 5,000 sf was demolished and 7,300 sf was added, to create a 31,000 sf facility. The climbing gym contains a party and yoga room, weight training area, Kid Zone and locker rooms.

Learn more about High Point here.


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High Point Climbing | The Block

High Point Climbing & Fitness took a chance on the largest adaptive reuse project in Chattanooga to create their flagship location. The Block is one of the country’s most unique climbing facilities, boasting almost 30,000 sf of climbing areas inside and out.

Located within a parking garage with street-level retail spaces, the design reimagined oddly configured spaces into a climbing gym. Initially, developers believed the ceiling heights would be too low to offer a challenging climb, so creating an exterior climbing wall became an early goal of the project. The eventual exterior climbing wall is an 11,000 sf public art piece offering 5,000 sf of climbing. Most exterior panels are of a translucent material and are backlit at night.

To create additional height inside the space, engineers discovered that they could dig a pit inside the building to create taller interior climbing walls.

The gym, which opened in late 2013, offers 28,000 sf of climbing – including 4,000 sf of bouldering and a 3,000 sf children’s climbing center. In addition to public visitors and members, The Block hosts World Cup climbing events and hosts climbing groups from local schools as well as summer camps.

Learn more about High Point here.

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Heaven & Ale Brewing Co.

Already known for their craft beer taproom, the owners of Heaven & Ale decided to start brewing their own high quality, hop-centric beers. They chose to locate their new brewing company directly behind the taproom in Chattanooga’s hip NorthShore district.

Heaven & Ale Brewing Co. occupies nearly 8,000 sf of a warehouse on Cherokee Boulevard. The exposed structure and custom-fabricated furnishings lend weight to the top-quality craft beer produced and poured here.

The building’s entry sequence guides patrons through an informal tour of the brewery on their way to the taproom, which boasts a variety of casual seating areas and garage-door openings to the outdoor patio space.

Learn more about Heaven & Ale Brewing Co. here.


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Tech Town

TechTown is an after school learning environment for hands-on instruction and self-guided study for kids 7 to 17. Designed to serve up to 400 children at a time through a combination of scheduled enrichment courses and mentoring for students working on their own self-designed projects, programs include Robotics and Electronics, Film and Videography, 3D Design and Printing, and Coding and Digital Design.

The program is designed to encourage children to engage learning and problem solving in a self reliant way and the design of the project had to reflect that goal. To that end, the space is designed to feel more like a high-tech startup firm than an educational facility with open work areas interspersed with more intimate collaboration spaces.

A 22,000 square foot interior renovation in an existing building, the primary challenge was to create a space with character in the existing nondescript commercial space. To achieve this the building structure and services were alternately concealed and exposed to create interest and a layering of systems while lighting and visual elements were threaded through to connect the multiple open spaces. The illuminated accent wall typifies this strategy. An illuminated incision weaves its way down the length of the wall which is in turn penetrated by physical and visual connections to adjacent spaces




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Clyde’s on Main

Located in the fast-growing Southside, the design of Clyde’s on Main evokes a neighborhood watering hole. The project is located in a 1920s building previously used by an auto repair and glass replacement shop called Clyde’s.

The renovation of the 6,000 sf building focused on how to best use the beautiful, load-bearing masonry walls and large garage-door openings on the southern elevation. An addition of a covered, screened patio outside those doors enables the entire restaurant to open to the outdoors. While the design stripped the existing building down to its essential structural components, the decor is a vibrant mix of comfortable furniture, custom lighting and wood. All blend together to create a casual and funky joint offering food and drink, live music and ping-pong.

Learn more about Clyde’s On Main here.

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