Bluff Creek Residence

Signal Mountain, TN

This private single-family home is nestled on a hillside on Signal Mountain. The site is steep and presented some unique challenges when coupled with the client’s program and wishes. Tinker Ma chose to work with the existing topography, rather than compete against it. The resulting project, indoor and outdoor spaces alike, snakes along the contours of the land. The home is relatively invisible from the street and opens up views from within to the outdoor living spaces, including a swimming pool, mountainous views, and adjacent ravine on what would normally be considered the rear of the building.

The home is split into three distinct areas. The most public space is located near the center of the building and includes a large open kitchen as well as the bulk of the living space. The kitchen is centrally located, just as the hearth would have been in indigenous buildings throughout Appalachia. The more private bedroom wing is located beyond the public space and is slightly elevated to adhere to existing topography and maintain views. The more utilitarian portion of the home includes the garage, a small shop, and a home office which doubles as guest quarters with a built-in trundle bed. This portion of the home is separated from the rest with a breezeway which captures the views beyond.