East by Main

Chattanooga, TN

The East by Main project presented the project team with a few unique challenges. The project site is an 18,000 sf lot located on Main Street in Chattanooga’s bustling South Side neighborhood. With such a small lot and limited street frontage, the project challenged the team to maximize the number of units appropriate to the site. Our team was able to maximize the potential of the site by using the State Of Tennessee Horizontal Property Regime Act. After working through multiple schemes, we determined a max of 26 units possible on the site. The final design lowered the number of dwelling units to 21 to allow room for resident parking.

The site plan design prioritized pedestrians over cars. Our goal: to create a sense of community through shared common spaces and garden walkways. The design team looked to many precedents found in European and U.S. neighborhoods, such as the French Quarter.

The three-story units includes living and kitchen space on the first floor, a bedroom, large closet and restroom on the second floor and a bonus room and roof deck on the third floor.

East by Main offers a unique urban way of life in one of the most sought after neighborhoods in the city.

Early Main Street Elevation

Main_Final510 Main

Final Main Street Elevation

render-1-photo510 Main