Embassy Suites Knoxville

Knoxville, TN
February 2020

Tinker Ma is pleased to have designed the renovation of the Embassy Suites in the historic Conley Building on Gay Street in Knoxville, Tennessee. Originally built as an office tower with the Park Bank occupying the ground floor, this 14-story structure was last improved in 1969.

It has seen a variety of uses since that time. The ground floor is of particular interest on such a prominent street corner. It would be unfortunate for a hotel lobby to occupy the entire space. To that end, the owner agreed to invest in a street-level which would engage downtown residents, visitors to the city, and hotel guests. The current conversion involved completely renovating the existing 14th mechanical floor to now include two approximate 2000 square foot condominiums, a fitness center, and still retain the mechanical equipment required for the building.

The existing roof is now becoming the top floor of the building with a 4000 square foot enclosed rooftop bar, and an exterior patio and rooftop pool. The added height of the building required extending the existing elevators to reach the new top level.