High Point Climbing | The Block

Chattanooga, TN

High Point Climbing & Fitness took a chance on the largest adaptive reuse project in Chattanooga to create their flagship location. The Block is one of the country’s most unique climbing facilities, boasting almost 30,000 sf of climbing areas inside and out.

Located within a parking garage with street-level retail spaces, the design reimagined oddly configured spaces into a climbing gym. Initially, developers believed the ceiling heights would be too low to offer a challenging climb, so creating an exterior climbing wall became an early goal of the project. The eventual exterior climbing wall is an 11,000 sf public art piece offering 5,000 sf of climbing. Most exterior panels are of a translucent material and are backlit at night.

To create additional height inside the space, engineers discovered that they could dig a pit inside the building to create taller interior climbing walls.

The gym, which opened in late 2013, offers 28,000 sf of climbing – including 4,000 sf of bouldering and a 3,000 sf children’s climbing center. In addition to public visitors and members, The Block hosts World Cup climbing events and hosts climbing groups from local schools as well as summer camps.

Learn more about High Point here.