McMahan Law Firm

Chattanooga, TN

The McMahan Law Firm project consisted of the full renovation of an existing 12,000 square foot structure and a 1,200 square foot addition. This large local law firm specializes in personal injury and social security law, so accessibility and life safety design was of utmost concern.

Tinker Ma was able to successfully work within existing conditions constraints to create a floor plan that not only meets all current building code requirements but also functions well for the daily business workflow. While all Tinker Ma projects are designed to meet or exceed current building codes, special attention in this project was paid to the egress components, travel distances and pathways, and occupancy loading since this multi-level renovation included a large floor-plate and was restricted to the use of existing vertical egress locations.

Additionally, a thorough evaluation of existing mechanical equipment allowed the project to save costs by reusing several existing units. Updated ductwork was included in the project to enhance the efficiency and longevity of the existing units. New exhaust and HVAC were integrated into select locations to meet the new needs of the building.