Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institution Roof Replacement

Chattanooga, TN

Tinker Ma worked with the State of Tennessee Real Estate Asset Management (STREAM) and the Department of Mental Health to complete a large roof replacement at the Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institute. The main building has approximately 150,000 square feet of roof surface spread over several different levels. The majority of the existing roof was a ballasted loose membrane system.

After being presented with an analysis of several different alternatives for the new roofing system, STREAM chose to utilize a fully adhered 60 mil TPO system for the project. Work also included the replacement of all sheet metal, flashing, and copings, many of which were custom profiles. The project, which replaced insulation and protection board, also included a small amount of standing seam metal roofing, which will be utilized over portions of two outdoor courtyard areas for patients who are sensitive to sunlight.