The Feed Co. Table & Tavern

Chattanooga, TN

The challenge for Feed Table and Tavern was to create two individual spaces, each with unique atmospheres functioning seamlessly as one. A Partnership between two restauranteurs brought experience from both the Tavern and Table environments. Their goal was to create a restaurant that offered fresh and simple, yet inventive dishes. This became our design intent as well.

The Craftworks building, an icon of Chattanooga’s growing Southside district, is a multi-tenant, three-story brick structure that was used as a feed warehouse in the early 1900s. Located on a prominent corner of the neighborhood, the building’s Main Street frontage has two recessed areas originally used as loading docks. The design reimagined these areas as covered entries that act as front porches. They also help dissolve the separation of interior and exterior space, with the Tavern porch becoming an elevated, open-air dining room.

The Table space features an open kitchen and dining room. Large windows separate those areas from another large dining space located in what was the original warehouse office. Inside the Tavern space, an L-shaped mezzanine provides a more intimate dining experience with an adjacent bar and allows for storage above. Reclaimed wood is used throughout to provide warmth and intimacy to each dining environment. The interior also features an array of eclectic items procured by the client and transformed by artists into fixtures, seating, tables and doors adding to the dynamic story and rich history of the building, site and location. The final design is the result of an evolved collaboration of the new and the old and attempts to anchor Feed Table and Tavern as a mainstay in a burgeoning Chattanooga restaurant scene.

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